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Featured Links

Skilletto Xtreme You won't believe some of the places this daredevil "Skilletto" is willing to ride his unicycle: on the lip of a deep canyon, for example. All part the Tube Action Sport Film Festival at Real Player required. watch this and see if you can lift your jaw off your chest!
Exotic lawn sprinklers

Dreamsprayer 's online store demonstrates their exotic lawn sprinkers with Quicktime movies. It brings to mind the kitschy "Dancing Waters" attraction from 1950s Florida. But this attraction sits in your front yard and actually serves a purpose.

Naked News

How would you prefer your nightly news... delivered by Dan Rather wearing crusty hair gel or by a naked woman wearing a smile? Me too! So click on over to Naked News (but only if you're 18+, of course). The default version is female, but you can get a naked man (NOT Dan!!) if you wish. For some reason, he doesn't strip, simply starts out nude. Sexist!

Webcasting [TOP]

America's Health Network America’s Health Network webcasts (in RealPlayer format) live surgeries … everything from brain surgery to a hair transplant procedure, a live birth, a knee replacement, a hysterectomy, and open heart surgery. For voyeurs with strong stomachs only. Look under the Live Net Events heading, on the right side of the page.
kinetic sculpture at SCA combat at Cool kinetic sculpture races! SCA sword-and-shield combat! Hokey commentary! Belly dancers! Big Time Web's got all this and more, in all flavors of streaming media. is THE original webcasting site. News, music, video, events. Slick, professional, extensive, and often live.
Discovery Channel animal cams COOL Discovery Channel live animal cams (sponsored by the Wildlife Conservation Society) include ants, baby gorillas, bats, cheetahs, naked mole-rats, orangutans, penguins, puppies and sharks. Also, check out the Animal Planet live cams page, which links to many of these same cams.

Extranet TV

Captain Kirk would marvel at the incredible variety of video available on Extranet TV. Are you a senior? Into money? Sports? Music? Or like watching two women chat & make a cake? Tons more, from bizarre to banal. Beam over, and be prepared to stay awhile. Brand-new site offers to stream your film over the internet for free. Free enterprise at its best. If you’ve got a film, help these folks help you (and themselves).
ForeignTV is a huge new site that features daily videos on a wide variety of subjects PLUS a marquee reporter: Peter Arnett, formerly of CNN. Did this site prompt Garry Trudeau to move Doonesbury mercenary newsman Roland Hedley to the internet? You decide.
Free Speech Internet Television brings some of that good old-fashioned Sixties activism to the oh-so money hungry web culture of the Nineties. Have I revealed my age yet? Damn right the people ought to know better, and ought to care more!
hecklers.gif (2771 bytes) Webcams from the comedy site Fun stuff. Hitplay offers an impressive variety of videossports, fashion, music, entertainment, moreeverything from Survivor to skateboarding (pictured at left) in a clean, easy presentation. Click on your pleasure then just sit back and watch. Nice!
InterneTV has everything: Music Videos, Film, Performing Arts, Original Programs, Live, Audio, even Pay Per View and a variety of video players.
Media Bureau offers a compelling blend of music and political activism. This site has everything from live DJs doin’ their  homemade, homeboy show to idealistic political activism. Even a passionate call to arms from Harry Belafonte. Listen, watch, then get out and change the world!

Micro broadcasting comes of age with sites like National Cybercast. Wacky, wicked, and wide-ranging.  History, talk show, movies, a couple of fat guys showing you how to cook. Great selections, and lots of ‘em ... if you don’t like what you picked, there’s dozens more!

onlineTV is a visually loud site that offers streaming music and video, although I found it difficult to actually get to the content. On the other hand, they offer to publish anyone's product, so if you've created something and can't put it online yourself, you might try here.
Perceptual Robotics web cams Perceptual Robotics, in addition to selling web cam equipment, offers a page with over 50 live cam links: shopping malls, sports stadiums, vacation sports, workplaces. Pick your voyeuristic inclination and find it here.  Sorry, no showers or bedrooms...
playTV What the heck is PlayTV? You could call it Wayne’s World meets the web. Tons of programming, much of it unpolished and crude, but all of it fresh and unscripted. It’s so, uh, next week!
Portland, ME The WGME-TV Portland, Maine live cam presents timed snapshots (every 4 minutes) of the place where I grew up.
The Pseudo Online Network has lots of streaming video in a narrow range of subjects (music, gaming & technology). And the shows are bigger on the novelty of webcasting than on useful content.

But this site is technologically slick and user-friendly—they deliver web video hassle-free.

_Sufferer spoofs Survivor and other "reality" shows STILL can't get enough of Survivor?  Then feast on Sufferer—a clever and hilarious spoof from Palacio Productions.  You'll need Quicktime.
The Sync has lots of programming: slick, banal, interesting and mundane, all at once. Of real interest is what I'll call Performance TV—daily 5-minute live performances.
tvlt Do you have a video movie or public access TV show that you would like webcast? TV Channel 1 is now accepting submissions. Check it out, then e-mail them a description. offers a large & eclectic selection of live webcasts and these web channels: Able, Air & Space, American Spirit, Business UnCut, Chill Out, Construction, Emergency & Disaster, Equestrian, Fast Growth, HI Tech Business, Internet, Jazz, Maritime Education & Training, Producers, Real Auto, Right, Shipping News, Skating, Speakers. Impressive.
webcams The Webcam Resource describes itself as "the definitive list of all things webcam." And so it is... look no further.
webdorm.gif (4527 bytes) Webcasting goes to college. Sign up for your fifteen minutes of fame—every day!
Discovery Channel world cams World Cams – MORE SERIOUSLY COOL CAMS from  Discovery Channel! Check out Planet Earth cams (hurricaines, live views from space, global temperature, and volcano); Space cam (closeups of the Sun); and Travel cams (California and Florida beaches, Panama Canal, Jerusalem’s Western Wall, Baltimore Harbor, Las Vegas weddings, and the Washington Monument).
zdtv.gif (902 bytes) ZDTV webcasts a wide variety of online video shows.

Independent Film [TOP]

Always Independent Films Always Independent Films is impressively professional, with a huge selection of short indie films; placing your work here would give it a wide audience. But the distribution contract is also impressively professional—and exclusive. Read carefully before signing away the rights to your film. Real Player required. One interesting sub-site is the Bijou Cafe. is an interesting cross between an online film festival and web broadcasting. Someone spent good time designing this site, visually and logically.
Australian Short Films & Music Videos is a small portion of an all-Aussie site on films and actors. Good stuff from Down Under.
Bijou Matinee Bijou Matinee streams short videos… or wants to. Just a small, crudely-rendered selection so far. But their heart is in the right place, and everyone starts somewhere.
The Bit Screen is an innovative festival based in Philadelphia. Encourages film makers to utilize this new medium.
Animation Fun film & animation by a budding film maker. Includes extensive documentation of and comments on his work. This guy has a future!
Cheese Wars Cheese Wars is a continuing adventure starring animated talking cheeses, executed in South Park style. Kinda talky, but cleverly done. (Hey, everyone's a critic!) Proof that webcasting is a tool of the people! & ...ambitious indie film site heavy on names, menus and luscious graphics, but "lite" on content.
Video: The Love of God is Creative to Infinity Covenant House provides hope for homeless and runaway youth in the form of shelter and services in cities across the U.S., Canada, and Central America. This non-profit organization celebrated its 25th anniversary (in 1997) with The Love of God is Creative to Infinity, a poignant documentary of their efforts. RealPlayer required. Watch and realize how fortunate you are to be sitting in front of a computer and not on a sidewalk heating grate.

Like Videofreak, Culture Jam is an index of web video produced and hosted by other sites. Unlike Videofreak, Culture Jam lists fewer videos but describes them in far greater detail ... and provides RealPlayer access. Cool!
At, you can view a wide variety of other people's short films, in a variety of formats—or you can make your own and email it to a friend!
Desktop Video Reference ...from The Mining Company.  Good links!
Digital Puppet Magazine to create animation on your home computer
Director Unknown Director Unknown is a wonderful high-tech web version of a very old and venerable storytelling idea: a continuous tale told in separate segments by separate storytellers. It used to be the province of writers only because passing paper around was easy. Now, the web allows film makers to do the same thing with video. A nice idea, nicely executed!
Dark Currents Strange America
The creative folks at Edge Pictures make indie flicks for cable TV and the web... with great writing and production values. Dark Currents is a modern-day gothic drama; Strange America follows a radio talk show host's interaction with a fringe audience.
Elbows Morgan ...will broadcast your videos on New York City cable TV. ...trailers, films, shorts, and news; all about film.
Fram An Evil Cradling From An Evil Cradling From An Evil Cradling is a disturbing but also uplifting animated film about Brian Keenan's experience as a hostage in Beirut from 1986 to 1991. Based on his book and produced by U.K. film distributors Optimum Releasing and Amnesty International. Watch it!
Independent Film Ring Independent Film Web Ring lists a lot of sites that hype themselves well but the few I visited—randomly—didn’t deliver. Come on! I thought the goal was to improve on Hollywood, not imitate it.
IFILM Network The IFILM Network is an Independent film distribution network supported by, among others, Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca. The future of film is distribution via the internet and AROUND Hollywood. Their May 1999 internet broadcast of the feature-length film "Dead Broke" was a huge technical success.
The Last Broadcast ...the 1st Indie film to be transmitted to theaters digitally

Hollywood should be frightened! has talked the talk by coining a new phrase—microcinema—and they walk the walk with high-quality indy films and animation. All this while claiming to be only in beta!  Microcinema names and represents a movement that is guaranteed to change the way we make and watch video. offers excellent, impressive information on creating digital films. If you want to know how it's done, how much it costs—find out here. Or watch a show.
Popcorn-Q's Online Cinema ...Gay- & Lesbian-themed movies and much more. A small corner of a much larger site.
ResFest is an impressive-looking and -sounding site about a yearly digital film festival. But can you actually view the films online?
Romero & Rickey is a great concept: extreme low-budget storytelling with dolls and charmingly crude backgrounds. It has a delightful, fun-loving attitude and small file sizes for quick downloading. But it's all dressing and no window. Great storytelling techniques require a story. Even mediocre content would be welcome.
Check out Rooster Tales for some simple but surprisingly enjoyable animations. Mick Cusimano uses basic Flash animations and the voices of friends to create these short videos. The site relies on clever writing, and it usually is. Kudos for effort and imagination! Check this one out, then go create some yourself, junior Spielbergs.
Screen Network Australia Check out Screen Network Australia if you want to know what's happening in film Down Under. News, events calendar, extensive links.
Starr Report Videos ...a great idea that got little attention.
stories-simplenet.gif (6203 bytes) - Streaming video hobbyist Phil Shapiro’s Washington, D.C. site. Nice!

Tatooine or Bust is a film about watching film, about Stars Wars as a cultural phenomenon, about how passions can make life more entertaining. I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but I am a fan of Fandom. Believe in something! is a virtual garage sale. What do you want? Retro & modern, trailers & video clips, audio, you-name-it ... all here.
udcarrot.gif (10791 bytes) Urban Desires could do with a better web design (dark red text and graphics against a black background are hard to look at, and every click produces a new browser window). BUT... the site presents VERY COOL VIDEO and doesn't brag about it. A triumph of substance over form!
WebFreeTV offers a GREAT venue for independent film makers.  This is raw, handheld seat-of -the-pants film making at its best. Originatiing from Vienna, Austria, and mostly in German, but who cares?  These films are fresh and there is something to keep everyone interested!  Enter your film in their contest, or just tune in and watch the absolute latest.  It’s happenin’ stuff!
Zapavision Witness the birth of a new art form—or at least its refinement. Zapavision offers ads for fake products: wildly creative, energetic, offensive, and can even submit your own work for display. Associated with the wonderfully devious TrailerVision: home of phony movie trailers.

Hollywood (Film & TV) [TOP]

 Nova: Dying to be Thin Eight chapters (in Quicktime format) from the "Dying to be Thin" Nova program. Are you holding yourself to an unattainable standard? How to recognize and beat Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and other disorders.
Futurama.gif The Futurama Archive, where the series by Simpsons creator Matt Groenig, resides on the web! For clips, also check out a private site at
God Bless Godzilla—and I mean the original, in all his tacky effects and thinly-disguised-morality-tale glory!! B's Tasty & Delectable Page of Godzilla connects you to trailers and clips, stills and other treats.
Godzilla 2000 movie trailer & home  Godzilla 2000 rocks! Toho Studios rules! Japan rehabilitates the world's most beloved monster after 1998's computer animated American travesty nearly ruined the franchise. While Gojira himself never looked better, the rest of this flick is resplendent with cheesy dialog, plotting, dubbing, and effects. Welcome back, Big Guy!
History-in-a-Can sells stock Hollywood footage

Movie Trailers
Offered mostly in QuickTime format

...but also in RealPlayer, Vivo & others

Apple QuickTime samples: 11 different studios
Blue Thunder - huge list
Dark Horizons - nicely organized & maintained
Dark side of the web: horror specialists
Directory listing
HipClips - Warner Bros. exclusive selection
Movies 4 Less - videos for sale, too
The Movie Page, with links
TCM classic clips - hope they add more... - big list plus viewers
Am I missing your favorite link? Send it to! has hundreds, maybe even thousands, of trailers. Also video, reviews and more. Easy to access, easy to use. Belongs in a class of its own!
Universal Studios Film Festivals A festival of Windows Media Player clips from classic Universal Studios films.

Not Just
Movie Trailers

Sites that include trailers
...but you gotta wade through other stuff

CrankyCritic - very few trailers, but a good site
The Den
Living Spirit Pictures - British indie filmmakers
The Movie Place
The Rendezvous - Byzantine path to trailers
The Trailer Park - VERY large list!
...more coming! has all kinds of interesting video clips of the 1999 ceremonies, including red carpet arrivals, backstage interviews, nominated films, nominees’ luncheon, fashion preview, technical awards, nominee announcements.
Stephen King in The Green Mile's electric chair Well-chosen and nicely organized page of trailers and clips from the Oscar-nominated movie "The Green Mile."  Especially fun (and pictured at left): director Frank Darabont straps book author Stephen King into the movie's electric chair.
locutus.gif (8832 bytes) An extensive and impressive collection of Star Trek and Star Wars clips, trailers, parodies—even desktop themes, stills and other goodies. Particularly welcome: the "Resistance is futile" clip pictured here and clips from the original Trek.

Lines for the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace began forming more than a month before the movie opened. Here's the trailer in QuickTime, Apple's superior digital video software format. offers the trailer, as does Enjoy it any time you like! (Or, you could get a life...)
The Mining Company's List of
Star Wars Web Video extensive selection of video in .avi, .mpg, QuickTime, and other formats. Trailers, clips, parodies, more.
Ultimate TV UltimateTV lists an amazing number television shows, and offers previews of tonight's broadcasts.'s streaming video (and audio) includes some funky trailers (such as Ed Wood's Bride of the Monster) and other strange stuff.
White House Chronicle White House Chronicle – streaming 30min. pilot of TV show.

Commercials [TOP]

ACE Defense Film

ACE/ClearDefense Film is a bullet-resistant coating for glass windows, etc. View numerous promotional videos for this product. A little spooky, but then again, it ain’t 1950 any more.
Dancing Baby That dancing baby put Burning Pixel Productions on the digital map…and of course inspired some clever imitators, such as the Hampster Dance.

Dr. Scholls

Commercial spots from the Dr. Scholl’s "Do Right By Your Feet" Tour. Locations in San Francisco, Phoenix, San Antonio. Real Player G2 required.
Gallery 41 Gallery 41 presents clips: video, audio, and stills of jazz musicians performing in San Francisco, all part of an effort to sell their stills. RealPlayer required.
IQTV offers video of advertising for a radio contest, produced by the IQ Television Group. Click on the Million Dollar Contest link.
meraft.gif (3884 bytes)’s page on Portland, Maine includes a link to a rafting video taken near Nesowadnehunk Falls in central Maine. Say THAT ten times fast!
BeHere PanImage™ 360 degree "Immersive Image" photomaking system & Java viewers
PAROCKS.COM Pennsylvania bands get free publicity from a site that offers streaming music video & other vidtreats.
Yo Quiero Taco Bell Back when "Yo quiero Taco Bell" was still funny.
George Siefert Former San Francisco 49ers head coach George Seifert did a 1995 VISA commercial—"Blame It On the Bossa Nova"—with Jerry Rice, Steve Young and John Elway. Fun!
Reebok Survivor parody Cartoon Network Survivor parody CBS' ratings champ Survivor achieved the ultimate success—imitation. Check out the infamous rejected piss-drinking Reebok commercial and a clever Cartoon Network parody.
TV Land's "Times Change" ads Commercials from TV Land's brilliant "Times Change" promos. Among the best: Art "Norton" Carney dances the Wild Thing and the Adam-12 cops wonder Whazzup.


TrailerVision offers what I have always wanted to see: trailers for movies that were never made. Daring because no topic is sacred and different because you actually have to use some imagination.  Associated with Zapavision: home of fantastic fake ads.
Videum Gallery of videos made with the Videum recording device, which is for sale. Some good real-world applications, including connecting a soldier in Korea to his wife & family in the States.
wm video The name just about says it all. Overloaded with click-through ads, but… Web Music Video provides FREE to all bands video capture, RealVideo encoding, and RealVideo hosting services. Just send a VHS or 8mm video tape.
Yachts For Sale Yacht Videos are streaming media classified ads for boats ranging in price from a mere $65,000 to over half a million dollars. Yikes! Strapped for cash? Digitizing and posting the ads is (for the moment) free, as is the link to YachtWorld.

Collections [TOP]

altavista Alta Vista's media search can help you find video without having to bother with silly review-and-rate sites like this one.
Bay Area Backroads Bay Area Backroads, a San Francisco Bay Area TV magazine offers video and text recaps of stories shown on the Tube.
Smithsonian condor video A 1997 online issue of Smithsonian Magazine features video of the once-endangered California Condor. Magnificent bird! Lots of beautiful stills (by Glenn Oakley), too.
DogNet Movie Collection DogNet Movie Collection, a student assemblage of MPEG clips, includes a shocking (but still theoretical, folks) animation of O.J. Simpson murdering Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. On a more redemptive note, also includes 3D MRI animations, weather, nature, technology, and Eric Clapton unplugged.
Grand Canyon rafting clips Clips from a rafting trip down the Grand Canyon portion of the Colorado River. A small part of the EXCELLENT and extensive site Grand Canyon Explorer.
hitbox The Hitbox video page is part of the larger "community" site You have to wade through a lot of videos offered for sale, but you’ll find quite a few downloads too, of all kinds.
Hypermedia Test Docs Hypermedia test documents from Lousiana State University. Eclectic mix of subjects ranges from comet animations to wind surfing to bicycle riding to the starship Enterprise.
L.A.V.A. Sorry, these are NOT volcano videos, but man-made treats from NASA's Langley Research Center Archive of Video and Animations (L.A.V.A., get it?) They've got everything from tire hydroplaning research to John Glenn’s 1961 and 1999 space flights. Fun stuff financed by YOUR tax dollars, so enjoy!
Lenny Kravitz Videos on the official Lenny Kravitz website include an uncensored (BFD) but happily complete "Fly Away," snippets of other songs and a four-part interview. This dude exudes energy! Select the links "inside" and then "gallery."
Ocean Street Video Ocean Street Video is a good technical resource for creating web video, and a fun place to watch a customized VW Bug do a wheelie in various web video formats.
MUSIC VIDEO AMP—MTV-style music videos. Cool site!
PC World A hyperactive collection of video from PCWorld Magazine. For example: 3D animated jets, B-wing vs. Tie fighter, Desert Storm smart bomb, flying guitars, ID4, lightning ball, man to woman morph, Star Wars, Earth from space.

They also offer video creation tools.

Apple's QuickTime Apple’s listing of QuickTime streaming channels. Lots of good stuff. Quicktime required, of course. As an experienced user of many platforms and formats, I feel this one is most accessible to users.
Rolling Stone magazine Rolling Stone magazine offers (among many, many other things) on-demand music videos.
Spanish Riding School of Vienna The Spanish Riding School of Vienna offers numerous videos of Lipizzaner horses, performing inside the combination stable / opera house / palace pictured at left. Click on the Video links in the menu.
Spheriscope The St. Petersburg (FL) Times Spheriscope is an interactive gallery of area points of interest, offering viewers a complete spherical field of view (360 degrees both horizontal and vertical, like being inside a sphere. You need the IPIX browser plugin, free from
Houston Chronicle Space Central The Houston Chronicle's Space Central offers all sorts of NASA video, including live when the shuttle is flying.
 Star Wars - Pepsi Extensive list of Star Wars clips, including the infamous Darth wants a Pepsi and Vader vs. the Energizer Bunny commercials. Fun!
Third Millenium Third Millennium videos are interviews and essays on how the internet will affect the music business, finance, and many other topics. Part of a much larger site ( that isn’t certain what it wants to accomplish—except to generate income. Hey, I’d like a site of my own that does that!
SF flyovers Animated 3D Flyovers over San Francisco, the Sierra Nevada, Finland, the Grand Canyon, Mt. St. Helens ... all sample MPEG video presentations made with a product called TNTmips. destination guide videos's destination guide video pages offer an advance look at hundreds of vacation possibilitieseverything from watching the elephant seals of San Francisco (pictured) to kayaking through the Florida Keys. Worldwide locations!
VideoSeeker(2930 bytes) Videoseeker offers a wide-ranging (and attractively packaged) selection of videos: news, music, swimsuit models, movie trailers and previews.
Virtual Parks Virtual Parks offers breathtaking panoramic vistas –- over 700 carefully photographed, scanned and reconstructed 360-degree images—of National Parks, National Monuments, wilderness and urban landscapes in California and Utah. Not true video, but truly high-tech and beautiful, so check it out.
Windows Media Player Guide Windows Media Player Guide is a list of cool stuff you can scope out with Windows Media Player. From news to music videos, and everything in between.
Zeno's Warbird WWII Videos Zeno's Warbird Classic WWII Training Videos are LOADS of fun! Holy flying fortress, these are EXTREMELY COOL FILMS, but also extremely long for at-home viewers. You need a fast, reliable connection and RealPlayer.

Oddities [TOP]

3D San Francisco overflights Slip on your red-blue 3D glasses and watch MPEG movies constructed from 1994 U.S. government datasets (AIRSAR/TOPSAR) of the San Francisco Bay area.
SF Bay Area animated flybys Your tax dollars at work! "Fly-by Animations of Ancient Landslides in the East Bay Hills and in Marin County" (San Francisco Bay Area). Apparently created to assess potential El Nino damage. Cool & colorful. offers excellent instructions on Ballroom Dancing, complete with animated and filmed videos showing you what to do. Extensive, friendly, easy to visualize. Nice!
belgrade.gif (7422 bytes) An MPEG movie of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in better times. Bombing for peace... the whole concept scares me.  Where does it lead?
 Mmmm, Chicken Head  Forget those urban-legendary worm burgers! Last November, MacDonalds served a woman a battered and fried chicken head. She went straight to the local news (and then the bank). Turn on the local news but urptake that BBQ dip away, please.
 Exploding whale carcass To rid an Oregon beach of a rotting whale carcass, the local authorities decided to blow up the dead whale with a half-ton of dynamite. What happened was smelly, disgusting, and piss-your-pants funny!
Evan's Star Wars Cinema Evan’s Star Wars Cinema includes several funny spoofs, including the infamous "Quentin Tarantino’s Star Wars." Quentin should sue.
Galapagos The Web was made for stuff just like this, a video promoting tourism to the Galapagos Islands. Take a vacation without leaving your desk! OK, not as much fun as the real thing, but seriously cheaper.
Glassguard auto glass protection Don't try this at home! At the Glassguard-plus website, you can watch video of rocks and crowbars breaking car windows! Then watch far less interesting "after" photos of the Glassguard-plus product foiling such break-ins.

videos at www.kitschpostcards.comvideos at

Glorious kitsch videos—French & English—from the wonderfully demented Pictured at left: Newport cigarettes commercial, circa 1960.  Check out the Nike-like swoosh logo... just smoke it!
How to tie a Tie How to tie a tie, courtesy of the Men's Warehouse. With these animated illustrations, you'll learn how to tie three different knots and a bow tie with ease—I guarantee it! Go to the Men's Warehouse Merchandise page and click on "How To Tie A Tie."
MTV Celebrity deathmatches MTV Celebrity deathmatches are TOO MUCH FUN! These computer-animated wrestling matches feature some GREAT Claymation-style opponents such as Bill Gates vs. Michael Flatley, Jack Nicholson vs. Leonardo DiCaprio and Hillary Clinton vs. Monica Lewinsky (to name but a few).
Robots! Robot videos - - real robots developed by real scientists! Enjoy video of robotic blimps, insects, stage performers and future space travelers. Hmmm: one scientist gives the Human race 50 years before robots overtake us in intelligence and utility!
Death Save Pinball technique animations, and a video of the legendary Twilight Zone machine. This impressive site makes it clear that for some pinball is not a hobby but a serious passion. Play on!
Stupide spoken here daily dquayleAS.gif (7859 bytes)
\ uses animated GIFs to roast politicians and celebrities, with their own quotes.
The Puppy Channel Too damn cute! On The Puppy Channel, you can view videos of puppies, buy videos of puppies, find out where you can watch puppies on TV. This site takes narrowcasting to new heights.
DOE FOR MASOCHISTS ONLY: films, circa 1953-1961, of Department of Energy experiments on Radiation and the Human Body. Ouch!
Roadside America Roadside America would be a delightful website –- chock full of weird and tacky attractions along America’s roadsides without video –- but the video page makes it G-R-E-A-T (IMHO). Check out everything. If you like oddball Americana, you’ll love this place!
Sandia mites & machines Sandia National Laboratories illustrates their Intelligent Machine Initiative with video of their miniature creations. The creepy but cool dust mites on the turntable at left are NOT animation but a real-life video. Tiny gear trains, steam engines, pistons ... fascinating!
Santa Maria volcano 1993 mpeg video of a fuming volcanic vent at Santiaguito Volcanic Dome, as viewed from Santa Maria volcano, in Mexico. Big file, not so long, but fun.
Tipsy George W. Bush: BFD! Dumb George W. Bush blooper at is a bo-o-oring video of "Shrub" clowning at a friend's wedding. Only interesting part is Dubya's idle "smoking" comment. Hey! Does "W" stand for Weed?
Stromboli on-line Stromboli On-Line offers WAY COOL video of Mt. Etna, an Italian volcano that has been erupting regularly and (relatively) safely for years. The site is well-organized, both logically and visually. Good detail in the video, but large file sizes.
Survivor audition tapes  Hilarious Survivor audition tapes, sent to CBS by failed entrants. ...AND... Rudy Reigns has Susan Hawk's bitter tirade against Kelly, plus great MP3 mixes and Rudyism videos: "I dunno..."
temporal population views Amazing "temporal animations" of population growth in the San Francisco Bay and Baltimore-Washington D.C. areas for the past 200 years or so (covered in 10 seconds). You can actually watch the people move in!
The Truth (about smoking) Hey, kids! Nobody likes an obnoxious ex-smoker, so check out the cool and funny anti-smoking videos created by your peers at Maybe they'll set you free before you donate too many years or dollars to the habit.
Reefer Madness and more! TV Guide's online drug scare movie trailer festival offers some of the best of bad cinema, both ancient and modern. Enjoy clips from Reefer Madness, Narcotic and Maniac from the 30s and Virus from the 90s. What's a modern SF flick doing here? In its own way, it's as wonderfully, gloriously bad as the other three.
Virtual Tours Virtual tours of California landmarks and available real estate in Big Sur, Monterey, Carmel. Including the 17th hole at Pebble Beach. Site maintained by a real estate agency. VERY easy to use. GREAT marketing technique!
Weird Al Yankovich Weird Al Yankovic (of "Eat It!" fame) nails Star Wars Episode IV to the wall with a clever ditty sung to the tune of American Pie (the excellent 1971 Don McLean song, not the 1999 movie). Sometimes, the parody is better than the original.

News & History [TOP]

Former President George Bush Speeches made by former President George Bush, from his 1989 Inauguration to State of the Union speeches during his Presidency, to one delivered at West Point in 1993. Also a biographical video produced for his Presidential Library.
CNN's Cold War miniseries Cold War is CNN's excellent web site to go along with their excellent series.  Videos are scattered through the site, along with other multi-media experiences such as 360 degree still photos and interactive maps.
Other video sources at include: "on demand" news videos and video archive.
dentv Making good use of the web’s "new media," DENtv is a cross between broadcasting and a newspaper, all on the web 24/7, all on-demand. AND they understand marketing: their Premium Feed page ( offers higher speed connections at a price.
Dealy Plaza VR on Virtual Texan Offended by all the fuss over Dealy Plaza in Dallas, where President John F. Kennedy was shot in 1963? Sorry folks, but there is little to offend in Virtual Texan's Plaza VR panorama, in Earthcam's live cam, or even CNN's "lost" footage of JFK taken minutes before the shooting. However, this quickie MPEG of the assassination itself might do the trick.

libertybell7.gif (4125 bytes) Video of Gus Grissom’s Liberty Bell 7 space capsule recovery, some 35 years after the fact. History to most but fond, fond memory to a geezer like me.
Cassini mission to saturn NASA animations of outer space maneuvers—in this case, of the Cassini Spacecraft mission to Saturn. They show this kind of video on TV while announcers stumble over pronouncing "Uranus."

NASA video from space NASA video from space

NASA streaming video includes live views from space and canned summaries of the latest shuttle mission. Alternately fascinating and crushingly boring—and amusing when set to "You're in the Army Now." The Army?
One World Video clips from One World Media Center, a community-based media resource center serving the District of Columbia.
San Francisco before & after 1906 quake San Francisco, 1897-1916 is sample clips of actual footage (and dramatizations) of scenes in the San Francisco Bay area, before and after the 1906 earthquake and fire. Also: 1915 travelogue and a 1916 propaganda film.
vstream Streaming Media conference – Conference keynote speakers videos are free. The rest cost.
streaming media net is the home of Streaming Media Conferences & Exhibitions and a wealth of news and information about the business, development and deployment of audio and video on the web and Intranets.
titanic.gif (5090 bytes) U.S.S. Titanic, animated sinking (1912), live raising (1999).

Sports [TOP]

Animated stadium flyovers Animated flyovers of the 1998 Major League baseball contenders for the crown. Includes Yankee Stadium(New York Yankees), Jacobs Field, Turner Field (Atlanta Braves), Qualcomm Park(San Diego Padres), Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox) The Ballpark at Arlington (Texas Rangers) The Houston Astrodome (Houston Astros) Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs)
Hank Williams, Jr. The ABC Monday Night Football Video Vault includes those wonderfully overdone crashing helmets, highlights, and the many ways that Hank Williams, Jr. has asked "Are you ready for some football?" over the years.
NFL Today; Super Bowl includes highlights from Super Bowls 33, 28, 26, 24, 21; San Francisco 49ers 1998 highlights and 49ers 1997 & general - audio too!
CNN Sports video almanac CNN sports almanac offers momentous sports events all the way from the US Olympic Hockey Team 1980 gold medal to Tiger Woods' Masters victory and beyond.
 The Crash Site - ouch! Ouch!  The Crash Site serves up motorized mishaps galore, mostly legitimate 'owies' from the various racing disciplines.  But some crashes, especially Page 4 of the MPEGS, deserve the yearly Darwin award!
John Elway ESPN SportsZone John Elway retrospective.
Major League Baseball Major League Baseball maintains an extensive site of news, stats, video highlights, and seriously COOL "live" game animations. Let them take you out to the ball game without leaving your desk.
Joe Montana signs 49ers helmets MOS Sports sells sports memorabilia, but what’s TRULY COOL is their video views of sports stars signing that stuff you shell out BIG BUCKS to get. Check out the penwork of Terrell Davis, Rickey Henderson, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, and realize that it ain’t ALL glamour and getting flattened behind the line of scrimmage.
NFL NFL THEATER offers 1998 Team Highlight Reels, Super Bowl XXXIII Video, the 1998 Season in Review. Also check out's multimedia library.
Quokka Sports At Quokka Sports, extreme writing and video hype and document live extreme sports. Overwrought but fun. With luck, we'll never find out if this site is extreme enough to webcast someone's death.
Pacific Bell Park (SF Giants) True Look Cam offers live webcam snapshots of Pacific Bell Park, magnificent new home of the San Francisco Giants. (Page claims the cam is turned off, but is isn't—keep clicking.)
Ken Griffey, Jr. Seattle Mariners baseball videos. Lot’s of ‘em! Real Player required. You can shred lots more than snow at ShredderLink. In addition to great video of downhill shredding (pictured), there's plenty of motocross action. And if your favorite sport is watching, check out whales shredding seawater. Something for everyone!
swimsuit.gif (4937 bytes) Selections from the 1999 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue video. Just enough to get you worked up. Viosport features lots of cool & Xtreme snow sports: racing, jumping, just plain gettin' crazyexciting footage with good commentary.  New stuff daily!
WWF.gif (6754 bytes) Here's a uniquely American export: muscle-bound theater. WWF (World Wrestling Federation) action offers an assortment of wrestling videos (mostly QT) taken from Loose Cannon's Multimedia (with permission). If you can't get enough, try Mr. Steelz ECW AVIs.

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